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Bruce Barton, CFP® CFA is a practicing wealth manager in Silicon Valley and the owner and founder of a boutique wealth management firm. After a tech career spanning 15 years, during which he worked as a system design engineer, product manager, director of product management, and vice president of marketing, Bruce brings a distinct perspective to personal finance. He worked in three venture capital-backed tech startups, including one that went public, one that was acquired, and one that failed. With a background in both tech and finance, he brings valuable insight into the particular challenges faced by tech professionals in managing their personal finances.

Bruce earned a Master’s of Business Administration in Finance from the University of Chicago, a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Claremont McKenna College. He holds the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designations. Bruce served on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) and is past president of the NAPFA West Region Board of Directors. He is co-inventor on a patent for performance monitoring of telecommunication systems.

Bruce and his wife Alicia, whom he met at Harvey Mudd College, live with their dog, Romeo, in Los Gatos, California. They have two great kids away in college who are studying biology and electrical engineering.

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Personal Finance for Tech Professionals: In Silicon Valley and Beyond

You’ve developed a specialized skillset as a technology professional. Your personal finance reference should match.

Whether you want to build your wealth, manage your finances, or learn best practices for handling the unique financial issues you face as a technology professional, wealth manager Bruce Barton lays out the information you need on:

  • Stock-based compensation, such as stock options, restricted stock units, restricted stock, and employee stock-purchase plans
  • Balancing spending between your working years and retirement, and tips for keeping spending under control
  • How much you should be saving for regular or early retirement and the types of accounts you should be using
  • Investing using an institutional approach, including techniques such as asset location and exploring private investments for accredited investors
  • Ahost of housing and real estate issues in high-cost tech cities
  • Taking care of yourself and family matters while dealing with overwork and stress
  • Concepts and techniques for reducing taxes, including considerations for the 2018 tax law
  • Making your retirement real by considering where you will live, what you will do, sustainable withdrawal rates, and order of withdrawal from your accounts
  • Practical considerations for initial public offerings (IPOs) and acquisitions and their impact on your financial life
  • Considering your legacy and charitable giving plans

Whether you’re on the hit-or-miss path through a succession of tech startups or you’re steadily moving up in the corporate tech world, following these accessible practices will help you feel secure in your financial future while enjoying your life to the fullest today.

“Bruce Barton has done a magnificent job cutting through complex terminology to deliver lucid, bite-sized advice on how to build your wealth and thrive in the turmoil that is Silicon Valley.”

Jim Smith,
General Partner, Mohr Davidow Ventures

“Bruce Barton answers the call by providing you, in a comprehensive yet understandable narrative, the best practices in managing your personal finances, whether you are at the start of your career or preparing for retirement.”

Rusty Thomas,
former KPMG Senior Partner and National Tax Lead: Technology Sector, Silicon Valley Office (retired 2017)

“‘No one tells you about these things,’ is a phrase I’ve heard countless times from founders and early employees at start-up companies. This book changes that equation: read it and debug your own financial future.”

Adam Fisher,
bestselling author of Valley of Genius

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