Mark MillerMark Miller
Brand and Culture Strategist

Mark leads product strategy, marketing transformation, and brand at Historic. He’s rebranded nearly 100 organizations and also specializes in all things strategy including brand, product, and marketing.

A fan of Bob Ross as a kid, Mark grew up wanting to be a painter. Falling short of happy clouds, he thought becoming a cartoonist might be a fit, but went on to pursue film instead. He started out as a producer and director creating branded content finally landing in brand and marketing.

ISBN: 978-1-63755-141-7
Price: $27.95
Publication Date: October 19, 2021

Culture Built My Brand

Unleash the power of your culture.
Propel your brand forward.

Too many executive leaders settle for inadequate employee performance, mediocre outcomes, and unremarkable earnings. But this doesn’t have to be your organization’s reality. There is a way to break through the inertia to engage your team, drive better results, and attract a tribe of loyal customers—by tapping into the greatest driver of brand success: your internal company culture.

Mark Miller and Ted Vaughn have rebranded more than one hundred purpose driven organizations with their team at Historic Agency. Their decades of experience and research have culminated in Culture Built My Brand, your roadmap to winning more customers and turning them into raving fans. With practical steps and customizable tools, this easy-to-follow guide gives you the know-how you need to tap into your company culture to create an authentic brand that stands out from the competition.

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