Steven ShafarmanSteven Shafarman
Universal Basic Income Expert

Steven Shafarman has been talking and writing about basic income since the mid 1980s, and published his first book about it in 1998 while enrolled in a doctoral program in human development. He’s been active with the U.S. Basic Income Guarantee Network,, since 2000, soon after it was founded. A life member of the Basic Income Earth Network,, he presented talks at their meetings in Geneva in 2002, Dublin in 2008, and Montreal in 2014. He lives in Washington, D.C.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-216-6
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Our Future: The Basic Income Plan for Peace, Justice, Liberty, Democracy, and Personal Dignity

Politicians promise to bring us together, seek the center, and reach common ground, yet our government is broken and paralyzed by partisan conflicts. Americans have been in need of a plan to unite the country and renew the vision and values of our founders, and it’s finally here in Our Future.

In this conversational and thought provoking book, basic income expert Steven Shafarman presents a comprehensive history of related ideas—as well as offers a solutions-based compelling vision—with basic income as the key. It’s a concept millions of us currently support, with liberal Democrats endorsing it as a solid floor to replace the tattered social safety net, and conservative Republicans as a way to cut and simplify government. The core of Shafarman’s plan takes the best of both, updating proposals form moderate politicians and leading economists.

Our Future holds the blueprint to successful years ahead, to acting together as We the People and making history.

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