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A Personalized Approach to Publishing

There are hundreds of decisions, big and small, that go into creating a book. With Amplify Publishing’s personal, hands-on approach, you’ll work closely with a production editor every step of the way from first draft to finished product to bring your best book forward. Our collaborative approach to publishing allows you to maintain creative control while working with an experienced team.

Your production editor will coordinate across departments in the editorial, design, and printing stages and serve as your day-to-day contact on all things related to your book. When it’s time to move into marketing and distribution, our production and design teams collaborate to create a suite of custom materials and ensure that your book lands in the hands of readers who need it.

Writing & Editorial

Writing & Editorial

Whether you have an outline or a polished draft, we’ll help get your book press-ready by connecting you with experienced ghostwriters, developmental editors, and copyeditors who specialize in nonfiction.

Design & Illustration

Design & Illustration

Our graphic designers have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in book design and will help your book stand out on the shelf with a gorgeous cover and an intuitive interior layout.

Printing, EBooks, and Audiobooks

Printing, Ebooks, and Audiobooks

With long-standing relationships with printers that serve traditional publishers, we’ll help you select the specifications that are right for your book. If you’re looking to go digital, we’ll create an ebook for distribution on Kindle and iBooks and help coordinate the production of your audiobook.

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