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Printing, Ebooks, & Audiobooks

Shelf-Ready Print Books

With more routes into print than ever before, distributors and booksellers have upped their standards to ensure they stock top-quality products. Our books are printed in offset runs using state-of-the-art equipment and premium materials to ensure a beautiful end product that rivals traditional houses. This printing method also gives us lower unit prices and more flexibility in setting retail prices, which ultimately means more profit for our authors and a better break-even.

Most of our books are printed domestically, but we also work with lower-cost overseas options. Our long-standing relationships with printers allow us to pass on volume pricing to our authors, which ultimately means a better bottom line for you, your stakeholders, and your business. Our production team closely monitors book trends, including binding styles, paper cuts, and jacket finishes, and works closely with our printers to ensure a top-quality product with every run we produce.

Stunning, Graphic-Friendly Ebooks

Today’s nonfiction readership is extremely mobile. Having an aesthetic, functional ebook is essential for reaching readers. Using the print book’s layout, we’ll format .epub and .mobi versions and make them available worldwide on Amazon and iBooks. We manually test every ebook we produce to ensure that all formatting has effectively translated, and our production and marketing teams will collaborate to identify the most effective keywords and categories to assign to your listing to make your book easy to find.

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Stories in Stereo

Ebooks aren’t the only way to reach the mobile reader. With the advent of services like Amazon’s Audible, audiobooks are more prevalent than ever. Whether you want to narrate your book yourself or hire a professional voice actor, we’ll connect you with an experienced producer and guide you through the audiobook process from start to finish. When your audiobook is complete, we’ll upload it to Audible and get you set up for maximum royalty share.

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