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Joy of Financial Planning: 7 Money Strategies for Reclaiming Our American Dream

Can you still attain the American Dream?

You are without a pension. Social Security and Medicare are not available at your time of need. A house costs much more than it did when your parents were your age. The price of a college education is through the roof. Perhaps you went to a good school and earn a decent paycheck, but this is not the life you envisioned for yourself. You feel quite stressed, too “busy,” and often exhausted.

Do you feel that your dreams disappeared?

Drawing from his career in finance and a background in politics, Jason Howell lays out 7 financial strategies to help you regain your American Dream. Joy of Financial Planning presents this generation with how one can overcome the challenges of a largely politicized and competitive economy. Congratulations! It is still possible for you to make an impact on a world that urgently needs your financial success.

ISBN: 978-1-64543-059-9

SKU: 08-604-01


“Jason is the numbers whisperer and a wizard of explanation, making the world of finance accessible to everyone. This book is a must-read for young families ready to gain more confidence in their financial future.”

Gabrielle Bosché,
“America’s Millennial Expert” and Bestselling Author

“Jason’s common sense advice provides a positive alternative to the trends of the day that we hear about on business news channels. His Joy of Financial Planning is a great concept for a book. It should be a TV show next!”

Morris Jones,
Washington D.C. TV News Anchor