When it comes to producing a book, finishing your content is only the beginning. The cover design, layout, and interior graphics—how your book looks—are just as important as what it says. In order to succeed in the competitive landscape, your book needs to be first class. Our designers are experts at the marriage of form and content and have a holistic eye when it comes to design. If your book relies heavily on data, we’ve got you covered: our designers will create usable, aesthetic infographics to help readers visualize your content. When it comes time to create your marketing materials, our designers use elements from the book design to create a unified suite of materials unique to you and your project.

Secrets to Becoming a Financial Badass

Cover Design

Adages aside, you absolutely can judge a book by its cover. And readers will. Covers should be eye-catching, but they also need to resonate with the content and be in dialogue with other books on the same shelf. Your cover is the first opportunity to establish your ethos and the authority of your content.

Our designers work closely with our production and acquisitions editors to create cover concepts that capture your book’s meaning and attract your ideal reader. For business and sponsored titles, we’ll work within corporate and brand style guides to create a compatible tool to help grow your client base.

Intuitive Interiors

Just like a book’s cover, the interior presents an opportunity to further your branding and enhance your content by adding stylistic and structural elements that clearly articulate your point and make your work flow more naturally. Interiors can be simple or complex, structured or mono-level, but they should always help the reader move comfortably through your content and invite them to turn the page. Our design team’s experience in multiple genres allows us to think outside the box when it comes to interiors, and our production editors will work directly with you to ensure a layout that matches your vision.

Survival to Thrival InteriorSecrets to Becoming a Financial BadassMarketing to the Entitled Consumer
Global CMO infographicMarketing Entitled Infographic

Custom Data & Infographics

In many nonfiction genres, data is king. Whether you’re presenting findings from your case study or demonstrating the hole in a competing argument, if you have quantifiable evidence, we display it visually in a way that fits seamlessly into the design of your book.

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