Every book begins with an idea, and those ideas can take a variety of forms in the early stages of the writing process. Whether you have an outline, partial draft, or finished manuscript, our acquisitions and production editors will work together to provide you with a submission evaluation. We’ll provide you with editorial feedback and the challenges and opportunities that await your book at market, along with recommendations for the best level of editing and an expert editor in your genre. Every book we publish goes through rigorous copyediting and quality control checks, but we also have options for authors who need more support with concept and execution. We work with writers and editors who specialize in the business, politics, policy, and current affairs genres who can bring your book to the next level.


For many of our authors, time is the most elusive commodity. If you have a concept, synopsis, or outline but don’t have time to write, we’ll connect you with a ghostwriter who specializes in your genre and will capture your vision in language. Our ghostwriters conduct extensive but schedule-sensitive interviews with you and your collaborators, co-authors, or subjects to craft a beautifully-executed book that champions your message.

Developmental Editing

Good books have authority. Sometimes we encounter strong concepts that need a more defined style, structure, or organization. To make your book as clear and authoritative as it can be, our developmental editors will make structural changes and suggest where content should be expanded or condensed to get to the core of your message.

Copyediting & Proofreading

If your content is streamlined but needs some help on the line level, our copyeditors will work with you (or your ghostwriter) to improve the flow of your work, clarify technical language, and polish your syntax. 

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