It’s never too early to think about marketing your book. As an Amplify author, you will work directly with a dedicated marketing manager to create a strategy that factors in your existing platform, our extensive relationships in the publishing and bookselling industries, and the details of your content.

No two books and authors are alike, and neither are the strategies developed for every book we accept. And if you’ve already engaged a publicist or have an in-house marketing department at your disposal, we’ll collaborate with them and other members of your team to ensure reach and success.

Network Activation

At Amplify, we believe that who you know is just as important as what you know. Your personal, professional, and industry relationships are a vital tool in marketing your book and building your brand. We work with authors to activate their networks in support of their book by driving purchases, encouraging reviews, and navigating relationships to secure media coverage and features.

Social Media and Ghost Posting

Social media is an essential component of author platforms that many writers neglect or misuse. Rather than as a tool to sell your book, social media is your opportunity to engage readers where they live and enter your content and perspective into the larger conversation surrounding your subject. At Amplify, we’ll work with you (or your communications team) to formulate and execute a social media plan, monitoring data and metrics to ensure successful, data-driven campaigns, while offering across platforms like Amazon, Facebook, and the like.

Content Strategy

Content is king. Not just your book’s content, but the conversations surrounding the topic. Informative content is an essential part of any author platform. Content on a native or company blog, LinkedIn articles, or in publications gives you the opportunity to reach readers on a more personal level—without trying to sell them something. Amplify’s team of experienced content strategists will formulate your web content plan and advise on best practices. If you need an extra set of hands, we’ll work with our ghostwriters to create, edit, and post content on your behalf, helping you reach potential readers while building your brand.

Trade Submissions

While reviews on Amazon are a big help when it comes to getting sales, reviews from the large publishing and lateral trade publications play a crucial role in the visibility of your book. With the required lead time, we’ll submit your book to trade publications in the publishing industry (such as Kirkus, Publisher’s Weekly, and Foreword) as well as trade publications in genre-specific markets (such as Axios, Business Insider, and Wired).

New Media and Traditional Press

Finding the right journalists to pitch to your book to is both an art and a science. Although we’ll target both local and national traditional media, new media is just as much a part of the equation in today’s landscape. In defining your media list, we ask the most important questions in book marketing: Who do we know? And how can they help? Our marketing managers will collaborate with you and your team to identify local, trade, and national outlets and blogs, podcasts, and influencers that are a good fit and then craft a pitch that keeps your existing relationships and past media experiences in mind.

Electronic Press Kit

An electronic press kit tells media outlets, reviewers, and retailers everything they need to know about you and your book. Our marketing team will draft targeted copy, including a book description, author bio, and a brief question and answer section to give outlets a sense of the topics to which you can speak, relating to both your book and the wider context in which it exists.


A functional, well-designed website is absolutely essential for building your platform and establishing your ethos as an author. If you already have a website, our designers will work with your web development team to add content about your book while keeping your messaging consistent. If you’re starting from scratch, the experienced web writers on our marketing team will work closely with you to craft content that positions your book effectively to your target market.

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