Submission Guidelines

At Amplify Publishing, we’re looking for strong concepts and compelling stories that start conversations. Our acquisitions team closely reviews every submission, gathers feedback from both our production and marketing teams, and provides a nuanced editorial evaluation and phone consultation to talk more about your project and goals.

If we think the project could be right for us, we’ll reach out to schedule a conversation about your goals for the book. If that goes well, we’ll extend a custom proposal tailored to your content and your brand. And if even it’s not the right fit, our acquisitions team will provide you with editorial feedback and recommendations to allow you to move forward on a different path.

Because we work with authors in various stages of the writing process, we accept outlines, synopses, sample chapters, partial drafts, and completed manuscripts. Materials must be submitted as either a Word document or PDF and submitted through our online submission form.

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What We’re Looking For

Business Books


Technology and the global market have completely changed the business landscape. As these markets shift, they leave vacancies and new spaces waiting to be filled by the next big idea. We’re looking to fill those gaps by helping entrepreneurs, CXOs, consultants, and strategists put their cutting-edge ideas into print. We’re looking for thought leaders, conversation starters, industry innovators, and business veterans with a keen eye for what works.



As a Washington, D.C.-area publisher, we have a unique understanding of the people who make change happen and an appreciation for stories that provide a better understanding or deeper insight into political issues from all sides of the aisle. While there will always be books that champion one party over another, there is also an increasing need for nonpartisan books—those that analyze, comment, or put forward a story that everyone needs to read. We’re looking for books that broaden perspectives, introduce a new line in the American story, and those that fall within party lines.

Other Big Ideas

Big Ideas

In an increasingly connected world, information exchange is more complex than ever, creating a unique opportunity to propose solutions to big questions and challenges our society faces. Because these books are often time-sensitive, we carefully balance speed-to-market with a high-quality end product and carefully planned marketing and distribution that keeps the news pegs in mind. We’re looking for well-researched books filled with provocative ideas that help us examine the world more broadly, more boldly, and push the boundaries of current culture and understanding.

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